Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Return To Forever - Romantic Warrior (1976)

1. Medieval Overture
2. Sorceress
3. The Romantic Warrior
4. Majestic Dance
5. The Magician
6. Duel Of The Jester And The Tyrant (Part I & Part II)

Bobby Hutcherson - Conception 1979

LP: Columbia JC 35814
Tracks & Composers
1 No Siree Bob (Hutcherson)
2 Clockwise (Walton)
3 Remember to Smile (Leary)
4 Dark Side, Light Side (Cables)
5 Hold My Hand (Leary)
6 Dreamin' (Marshall)
7 Quiet Fire (Cables)

George Cables (p); Jon Faddis (tp); Urbie Green (tenor trb); Hubert Laws (fl); Lenny Hambro (as); Bill Summers (perc); Kenneth Nash (perc); Eddie Marshall (d); Robert Alexander (tenor trb); John Gale (tenor trb); Earl Gardner (tp); Bobby Hutcherson (vib); James Leary (b); Anthony Tooley (tp); Daniel Trimboli (ts); Frank Wess (ts); Joseph B. Wilder (tp); Danny Moore (tp); Romeo Pinque (bs, bass clar)

Recording Date & Location
15-16 Mar 1979, Englewood Cliffs, NJ

"No Siree Bob" originally appeared as "Anton's Bail" on Live at Montreux, although that album had been released in Europe & Japan only when Conception was released.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Bobby Hutcherson - Skyline (1998)

Skyline - 1998

CD: Verve 314 559 616-2
Tracks & Composers
1 Who's Got You? (Hutcherson)
2 I Only Have Eyes for You (Dubin, Warren)
3 Delilah (Young)
4 Chan's Song (Hancock)
5 Pomponio (Hutcherson)
6 Can You Read My Mind? (Bricusse, Williams)
7 Tres Palabras (Farres)
8 The Coaster (Moncur)
9 Candle (Hutcherson)

Bobby Hutcherson (vib); Kenny Garrett (as); Geri Allen (p); Christian McBride (b); Al Foster (d)

Recording Date & Location
5-3 Aug 1998, New York, NY

Bobby Hutcherson - Knucklebean (1977)

Knucklebean - 1977

LP: Blue Note BN LA789-H
Tracks & Composers
1 Why Not (Cables)
2 Sundance Knows (Marshall)
3 So Far, So Good (Leary)
4 Little B's Poem (Hutcherson)
5 'Til Then (Hutcherson)
6 Knucklebean (Marshall)

Freddie Hubbard (tp); Hadley Caliman (ts, fl); Emanuel Boyd (ts, ss, fl); Bobby Hutcherson (vib, mar); George Cables (p, el-p); James Leary III (b); Eddie Marshall (d)

Recording Date & Location
1-3 Mar 1977, San Francisco, CA

"'Til Then" was originally recorded in 1967 at the Oblique session--but that album was still unreleased when Hutcherson recorded Knucklebean.

Bobby Hutcherson - Waiting (1976)

Waiting - 1976

LP: Blue Note BN-LA615-G
Tracks & Composers
1 Waiting (Leary)
2 Prime Thought (Leary)
3 Roses Poses (Hutcherson)
4 Don't Be Afraid (To Fall in Love Again) (Leary)
5 Searchin' the Trane (Hutcherson)
6 Hangin' Out (With You) (Leary)

Emanuel Boyd (ts, ss, fl); Bobby Hutcherson (vib, mar); George Cables (p); James Leary III (b); Eddie Marshall (d); Kenneth Nash (per)

Recording Date & Location
24-26 Feb 1976, San Francisco, CA

Bobby Hutcherson - Montara (1975)

Montara - 1975

LP: Blue Note BN-LA-551-G
CD:Blue Note 7243 5 84190 2 3
Tracks & Composers
1 Camel Rise (Cables)
2 Montara (Hutcherson)
3 La Malanga (Se Acabo) (Calzado)
4 Love Song (Cables)
5 Little Angel (Martinez)
6 Yuyo (Hutcherson)
7 Oye Como Va (Puente)

Oscar Brashear, Blue Mitchell (tp); Plas Johnson (fl); Ernie Watts, Fred Jackson (ts, fl); Bobby Hutcherson (vib, mar); Eddie Cano (p); Larry Nash (el-p); Dennis Budimiir (g); Chuck Domanico, Dave Troncoso (b); Harvey Mason (d); Bobby Matos, Johnny Paloma, Victor Pantoja, Ralph MacDonald, Willie Bobo, Rudy Calzado (per); Dale Oehler (arr)

Recording Date & Location
12-14 Aug 1975, Los Angeles, CA

Bobby Hutcherson - Cookin' With Blue Note at Montreux (1973)

Cookin' With Blue Note at Montreux - 1973

LP: Blue Note BN-LA-249-G
CD: Blue Note CDP 7243 8 27819 2 9

Tracks & Composers
1 Anton's Bail (Hutcherson)
2 The Moontrane (Shaw)
3 Farallone (Hutcherson)
4 Song of Songs (Shaw)

The LP does not include track 3.

Woody Shaw (tp); Bobby Hutcherson (vib); Hotep Cecil Bernard (p); Ray Drummond (b); Larry Hancock (d)

Recording Date & Location
5 July 1973, Montreux, Switzerland

The LP was released in Japan and Europe only in 1974. The CD was released in 1994.